Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Compressing ViewState in ASP.Net 2.0

Developers often worry about performance of their web sites. Every developer wants that his web site be optimized for good performance. There are several factors affecting performance of your web site and one of them is ViewState. In this article he going to show a way by which you can compress ViewState thus improving the performance. more..

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Deployment:Customize User Interfaces and Pass User Input to Installer Classes

This article going to demonstrate how to customize your MSI install to prompt the user for some information and then pass this information to an installer class. This can be useful when needing to do something during an install based on the user input.There are two key parts to this process the first is the addition of a custom user interface dialog and the second is passing whatever information is entered into the new user interface to the installer class in order to do something with this information during installation. more..

ASP.Net 2.0: Export GridView to Excel

The focus of the article is the Export to Excel functionality - the Gridview and it's data binding are only for demonstrating the Export functionality.
The code fragments for the Export to Excel functionality below are not linked to the backend structure and can be re-used across projects for the common functionality provided. In this article, we will assume you are starting with a web page which holds a GridView named GridView1. The GridView in our demo code is bound to a table named "ContactPhone" in a SQL Express database. The following code which exports the databound GridView to Excel is not dependent on the specific databindings and can be used without changes for your scenario. more..

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

Included with SQL Server 2005 is a group of interrelated applications, collectively known as SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS). SSRS includes all the development and management pieces necessary to publish end user reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, and CSV formats. Originally released as a SQL 2000 separate add on that could be downloaded from the web, all the Reporting Server pieces are now bundled in SQL 2005. With Reporting Services built into SQL, expect to see product adoption rise quickly. Microsoft's accounting package, Solomon, will soon discontinue use of Crystal Reports in favor of SSR. more..

Data partitioning in SQL Server 2005

Data partitioning, a new feature added to SQL Server 2005, provides a way to divide large tables and indexes into smaller parts. By doing so, it makes the life of a database administrator easier when doing backups, loading data, recovery and query processing.Data partitioning improves the performance, reduces contention and increases availability of data.A Table can be partitioned based on any column in the table. Microsoft defines that column as the partition key. more..