Monday, January 11, 2010

Software Testing Best Practices

Here is the list of best practice tips:

1. Analyze the requirement and problem thoroughly. If not clear, please ask development team lead or Project Manger.

2. Test the application by breaking application into smaller modules.

3. Write the test cases with all possible test data.

4. Always try to finding the bugs in the application. Don’t assume that it will work.

5. Test cases should be available to developer before development starts on that item. So that time consumption will reduce.

6. Prioritize the test cases for all the modules. So that, whenever testing the application you can have checklist.

7. Programmers won’t do the testing completely because they will think that their code is always right. But its tester responsibility to find the loop holes.

8. Don’t stick to requirement on testing and go beyond that.

9. Regression testing is more important. Please have history of bugs related to those modules. So, you can find the bugs easily.

10. Sometimes we will change the application environment for testing. Tester should have knowledge on where we are doing the changes for testing. So, tester should verify those areas after moved to production.

11. Tester should be kept away from developer environment. So that, tester wont gets distracted.

12. Testers should have regular meeting everyday on sharing the latest knowledge and their experience.

13. Have more communication with development lead or developer to avoid misunderstandings and making the application without bugs.

14. Always try to communicate through email.

15. Bug description should be clear, informative. Always, suggest your solution.

16. Testers should be involved right from the requirement phase of the application.

17. Update your testing knowledge daily by reading articles and discussion with others.

18. Performance testing needs to be done if more users using the web application.

19. Monitor your testing knowledge daily or weekly. So that, you came to know what you learned from today, what you have improved on your testing and what needs to be done to achieve to more.

20. Make sure that you are following above practices and other good practices.

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